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Gonna Make It Right

While on vacation last summer I learned of a tragic police encounter in a small suburb just outside of Pittsburgh. I knew very little details at the time, but what was known was that a young man had been killed, seemingly unjustly.  The community was enraged - rightfully so - and had little faith that the justice system would in fact, deliver justice. As a lawyer, I'm thankful for our judicial system and its aim, although imperfect, to promote truth and justice. However, sometimes, justice seems an illusive, impossible task. Many times, life is still lost, families are still broken and communities are still torn apart - irrespective of the verdict - and something about that kind of "justice" doesn't seem just enough. As a follower of Jesus, I hold fast to the hope that the one who took upon himself all injustice, suffering the most unjust trial, verdict and death imaginable, but through it, overcame darkness, will one day make all wrongs right. And when he does we we'll truly see heaven, in all its fullness and glory, here on earth. In the meantime, let us do our part in helping to bring about heaven on earth now by doing justice (as best we can), loving mercy and walking humbly before our God. Credits: Jerome Kirkland (production, keys, organ, bgv), Alan “Snoop” Evans (bass); Brandon Taylor (drums); Philip Lassiter (horn arrangement, trumpet); Vindell Smith (guitar), Krystyn Kirkland, Lailonny Morris and Julia Flowers (bgvs).

Restore Us, God of Hosts


Based on the words of Psalm 80 and 91, with a little Anglican Compline tossed in, this song was written during what was for me personally, a season of brokenness. My wife commonly refers to it as the "year of the breaking" - for indeed, it seemed as though everything - from the washing machine to our physical bodies and all things in between - had broken down. If ever we were longing for a Savior to come, bringing restoration and salvation, it was then. These words - that our Savior might "make speed to save us" - both resonated with and provided much needed hope and comfort to our hearts in those dark moments.  While not originally written for use during the Advent season, we sung this song often at our church throughout Advent as we reflected on our own personal brokenness and that of our world and waited with hopeful anticipation for the coming of our Savior. I pray that it might help stir up hope within you, as well. Credits: Dan Harding (drums); Seth Pierson (bass); Michael Savisky (banjo and electric guitar); Joy Ike, Peace Ike, Mark Williams, Geraud Brumfield, Natalie Harvey, Abigail Moyer and Heidi Taggart (vocals); Eleanor Moyer (joyous clapping); Josh Moyer (vocals, guitar). 

Goin' Long


Inspired by Timothy Keller’s devotional on Psalm 37, “Goin’ Long” explores the human struggle to justify our existence by any means possible (e.g., our wealth, our work, our performance, our righteousness, etc.) and points us to Jesus as our ultimate and only true justification and security - past, present and future. I've used what is traditionally a financial or investment concept (going “long” as opposed to "short" on an investment) to help illustrate the commitment Jesus has made to us. For indeed, he "went long" on us - even unto death. It is therefore only right, and by his grace, that we should "go long" on him in return. For it is only in him and his completed work on the cross that we finally find true rest from our struggle. Credits: Jerome Kirkland (production, keys, organ, bgv), Justin Raines (bass); Brandon Maclin (drums); Philip Lassiter (horn arrangement, trumpet); Michael Savisky (banjo); Joe Liu (violin); Choir: Nikki Thorpe, Krystyn Kirkland, Keea Dorsey, Keesha Sheffey, Kami Small, Michelle McBride, Azzie Todd, Jay Lynn, Brendan Williams, Yehmohni Jones, Nolan Harmon; Josh Moyer (vocals, acoustic guitar).

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I’m a lawyer and musician. I write legal contracts. I write gospel songs.  



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