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Goin' Long


Inspired by Timothy Keller’s devotional on Psalm 37, “Goin’ Long” explores the human struggle to justify our existence by any means possible (e.g., our wealth, our work, our performance, our righteousness, etc.) and points us to Jesus as our ultimate and only true justification and security - past, present and future. I've used what is traditionally a financial or investment concept (going “long” as opposed to "short" on an investment) to help illustrate the commitment Jesus has made to us. For indeed, he "went long" on us - even unto death. It is therefore only right, and by his grace, that we should "go long" on him in return. For it is only in him and his completed work on the cross that we finally find true rest from our struggle. Credits: Jerome Kirkland (production, keys, organ, bgv), Justin Raines (bass); Brandon Maclin (drums); Philip Lassiter (horn arrangement, trumpet); Michael Savisky (banjo); Joe Liu (violin); Choir: Nikki Thorpe, Krystn Kirkland, Keea Dorsey, Keesha Sheffey, Kami Small, Michelle McBride, Azzie Todd, Jay Lynn, Brendan Williams, Yehmohni Jones, Nolan Harmon; Josh Moyer (vocals, acoustic guitar).

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I’m a lawyer and musician. I write legal contracts. I write gospel songs.

Musicians include, among others, Jerome Kirkland (organ/keys, JJ Hairston), Justin Raines (bass, Israel and New Breed, William McDowell), Brandon Maclin (drums, Daughtry, Donnie McClurkin), Philip Lassiter (trumpet, Prince, Kirk Franklin), Vindell Smith (guitar, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary), Alan "Snoop" Evans (bass, Fred Hammond), Michael Savisky (banjo, Colonizing the Cosmos) and Joe Liu (violin, Colonizing the Cosmos). 



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